March 2015 The guest book has closed. If you have any comments about Jack and his work, please e-mail us. Jack’s blog closed when he died, but is still there to be read. If you have any comments about our site, or if you find any mention of Jack on sites or even in newspapers, please contact us. September 2015 It has been a major task, but we have now scanned in all the copies we have of the Disc/Record Mirror strips. However, there are some gaps you may be able to help us with. February 2016 Fred (Jack's brother) has been sent a quiz question from the Daily Mail, by Jack's old friend Barry, The question is about Madeline Smith in Disc. Here is a copy of the clipping (click to enlarge it). We wonder who set the quiz… Thanks to Liz for sending this. January 2017 We have added some examples of Jack’s Instant products. March 2017 Lots of Russell the Mussel stuff. The adventures of Tim Norman Boyd’s Frank Bellamy site has lots of interesting information. We have added a new guestbook. If you want to leave a comment about Jack or his work to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death, try here. April 2017 More of The Nose