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13) Jim Evans 
UK Location
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6.11.2018 04:30 PM Write a comment

As News Editor of Record Mirror in the mid-late Seventies, I have fond memories of Jack and his wonderful imagination. I recall commissioning - in 1976 - the Sun/Father Christmas Christmas card (illustrated in your Miscellany section). Thanks Jack.
12) Norman Boyd 
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10.12.2017 04:50 PM Write a comment

I was following a bit of research and saw my name on your site. I'm so proud to have done my little bit to promote Jack whose work I loved.
Thanks for sharing so much fun!
11) Peter Sanders 
London Location
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9.10.2017 08:34 AM Write a comment

November 26th (2017) marks the 40th anniversary of the last strip of Jack's Record Mirror output.
The strip, Parodies Lost, is on our site, of course.
New JEO stuff will be appearing on our site to celebrate. Please use this guestbook to share your memories.
10) John Davis 
Plymouth, Devon Location
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3.7.2017 01:47 PM Write a comment

Sorry, just noticed a post from Jonathan Coe who wrote the fantastic The Rotter's Club who was also a fan of Jack's. I see I'm in excellent company.
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